Cars in Argentina Emit Most CO2 Across the Globe

A brand new study by reveals Argentina is home to the oldest cars in the world, with an average age of 17 years each.

Even as new car sales have increased by 24% in 2021, the average age of vehicles on our roads continues to rise. Taking a look at the amount of CO2 emitted for each vehicle, can confirm Argentina’s cars are emitting an average 163.4 KM per vehicle.


Climate change is a global concern, particularly following the recent IPCC report, ‘code red warning’ for humanity, cars on the roads as old as 17 years are a contributing factor.

Despite this, Argentina is trying to reduce its carbon emissions and has recently introduced initiatives such as

The country has also established

Alex Kindred, car insurance expert from, explains why motor brand loyalty or holding onto a car for too long could be hurting the planet and our pocket.

“Climate concerns are a top reason to consider reducing the length of time you keep hold of the same car. As emission-free electric vehicles become more popular and affordable and as drivers become more conscious of their carbon footprint, we will see more motorists making the switch from petrol pump to the electric plug.

“Around the globe, there are various incentives in place to ensure that it is in the drivers’ best interest to make the switch. Argentina is a good example of a country where rules and regulations have been put in place to reduce the age and emissions of vehicles on the road. But there is still some work to be done as their average vehicle age is an incredible 17 years old, on average.”

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