A tribute to Regional Mexicano music.

The multi award Grammy winner and Latin Music icon Olga Tañón, presents her 15th musical project named “Senderos de Amor”, an EP that represents a great step in her artistic career, towards the Regional Mexicano music.
Olga Tañón’s love for Regional Mexicano music has been present over the years. Her fans surely remember the iconic album «Nuevos Senderos» composed and produced by Maestro Marco Antonio Solis, the Hispanic world has sung «Basta Ya» and «Mi eterno amor secreto» among many other songs. Today, Olga Tañón continues that genre with «Senderos de Amor» 2021.
“Senderos de Amor” is a 7-song EP loaded with Mexican folklore and popular music, composed by a professional team of experts such as Olga Tañón herself, Eliot Mago de Oz, Hector Espinoza, Oscar Reyes, Rony Watts, Samo and Omar Soto.
«Senderos de Amor, another dream come true, It took time but I trust that we achieved a product of excellence and even more so produced with all my love and respect for the Regional Mexicano Music lovers » said Olga Tañon.
Recently, “La Tañón” released the first single from “Senderos de Amor”, a song called “Te llamo”. It has two official versions: Tropical and Regional Mexicano, and right after its release, the official music videos collect more than 2 million views on YouTube.
Listen today to “Senderos de Amor” on your favorite digital platform.