The singer-songwriter and music producer/artist are teaming
up to give fans a taste of Colombian-Nigerian culture
fusion on upcoming EP “ARENA”

Colombian artist DYLAN FUENTES joins forces with Nigerian artist and producer DARAMOLA to create the first collaborative project between Africa and Latin America, “ARENA.” This EP is the perfect fusion between Afrobeat and Latin music, bridging two cultures and continents in a single and unique sound. To introduce this one-of-a-kind collaborative EP to the world, they are releasing “FELICIA” today, the first single off of the project, available now on all digital streaming platforms.

“Felicia” is the first look into what “ARENA” will be, combining vocal arrangements and unique melodies in an unmatched approach. With these innovative projects, Dylan and Daramola show the similarity that both cultures and countries like Colombia and Nigeria have, and the global impact they can achieve through music. Fans will be able to have a glimpse of who they are and where their love for music derives from.

Dylan, who counts with impressive collaborations in his repertoire alongside industry greats such as Myke Towers, Mau and Ricky, Tainy, and Justin Quiles, has shown his versatility as an artist and musician by transitioning between different genres and constantly bringing out new sounds. Daramola, who is also part of the NEON16 family, has been in charge of producing songs for global artists such as Mau and Ricky, Becky G, Tainy, Trevor Daniel, among others. The Colombian artist and Nigerian artist had previously collaborated together on Dylan’s debut single “Bipolar” released on NEON16 and “Nobody Latin Remix” alongside iconic Afrobeat artists Dj Neptune, Mr Eazi and Joeboy.

FELICIA” features vibrant and cool beats that are guaranteed to become the quintessential sound for the summer. Fuentes’ smooth musicality and tonality provide “FELICIA” the ideal vocal melody and complement to the music and sound created by Daramola with his infectious beats and vocals laid out on the track. The song is a true merging of two cultures and flawlessly represents the direction in which the Latin music genre is going. The track takes Daramola’s Afrobeat influences and combines them with the popular sounds of the Latin and Reggaeton genres Fuentes has become known for.

The message I want to convey is that this type of music, and where it comes from, comes from the most vulnerable of places. The people who come from this world of Afrobeat, the Caribbean, the Champeta, and their roots, come from vulnerable places. Literally from sand, from the streets, from the beach,” expressed Dylan Fuentes.

We came together to create something that’s never been done before: two different cultures blended together in perfect harmony to create the soundtrack to our lives in different languages, vibes, emotions, laughter, joy, pain, all the above,” shared Daramola, “With ‘Felicia’ we wanted to tell a story of love in a personified way, something with substance that everyone can relate with.”

The video, which was directed by Jasz and produced by RINO Films, is as stirring as the sentiment with which Dylan and Daramola wrote “Felicia.” Fans will see that the video is the perfect representation of how being true to one’s roots can reveal one’s inner joy. In the video, both Dylan and Daramola are represented by two children who can be seen enjoying the sights and sounds that they grew up with and helped mold them into the men they will become.

Dylan Fuentes continues to pave the way for artists from Barranquilla and Colombia in the music industry. “ARENA” will be coming soon, promising to become the ideal sound for Summer 2021.