The singer, actor, and songwriter Christian Pagán surprises his fans with a romantic pop-ballad named “Te besé”. The song premieres with its official music video, and it is available on all digital platforms.
Christian Pagán, the winner of the world-famous reality TV show Idol Puerto Rico, opens his heart with his new single “Te besé”. A song dedicated to those that have been in love with a fantasy.
In Christian’s own words «it is a song about nostalgia, unfulfilled promises and that sad feeling that comes to your mind from remembering a lost love that changed your life forever …»
The singer said himself that “The besé” is a song that was born «almost by chance». That is why it’s easy to understand the naturalness of its melody and the organic nature of the instruments in it, just a harmonic and seductive acoustic guitar, plus Christian’s deep and elegant voice, two elements that create a perfect melodious balance.
“Te besé” was produced by Carlos Molina, who also participated in the composition of the song together with Pagán, under the record label of JAK Música.
The new single is released along with its official videoclip, which was directed by William de la Cruz and Jerel Gomez, and is available through YouTube.