Jay Wheeler, the young-Latin urban sensation, continues to add romantic and heartbreaking songs to his portfolio. Today, the Puerto Rican singer presents his new single «Viendo el techo» under the wing of Linked Music and Dynamic Records.
Jay Wheeler posted a small fragment of the song «Viendo el techo» on his Instagram account and fans went crazy. The video is close to reaching 1 million views and almost 15 thousand comments, and the artist is finally ready to share this romantic and at the same time upbeat song with the world.
«Viendo el techo» was written by Jay Wheeler himself, and this song tells a very common and at the same time heartbreaking love story, of a man who misses who he thought it will be the great love of his life. Just like «the one that got away» kind of feeling.
“Viendo el techo” was produced by Nelson Diaz (Dj Nelson), Luis Suárez Silva, Kevin O. Ortiz Bones, Hector Javier Cordero Ortiz, Hector Joel Cordero Ortiz, Eliezer David Medina, Alvin Baez, Rene Alfonso DaSilva and Luis Guillermo Marval.
The single premieres together with its official music video, in which Jay Wheeler witnesses a charming love story that takes a surprising turn of events, and will keep his fans attached to the screen. This audacious audiovisual piece was directed by Abez Media and is available on YouTube.
Enjoy Jay Wheeler’s “Viendo el techo” today on your favorite digital platform!