The group formed by four young powerful Latina women is ready to captivate the whole world with their extraordinary talent.

Female Latin music group ANGEL22, composed of four talented women, Alondra Martinez, Sofia Oliveira, Wendii Sarmiento and Laura Buitrago; have just released their debut single «Free Hugs», a Spanglish Latin urban pop song that radiates female empowerment. 

The lyrics speak of vibrating high with positive energy, confidence, self-love and free hugs in order to spread love, with a unique flow that marks the beginning of a successful career for these four stars in the music industry. 

To listen and/or download «Free Hugs», click HERE and to watch the “Free Hugs” music video directed by filmmaker Daniel Duran, visit HERE.

Angel22 highlights the female talent and strength of four young women from different countries and upbringings (Brazil, Cuba, Colombia, Puerto Rico and Dominican Republic), seeking to empower their fans with a sense of acceptance, no matter where they come from. The group has become a phenomenon, amassing more than 5 million followers on their official TikTok account (@angel22official). 

«Free Hugs» was written by Angel22 alongside Elena Rose, Kuinvi and Supa Dups; and produced by Kuinvi and Supa Dups.

Becky G and Elena Rose will be executive producers on the project.

About Angel22
Making their debut as a group on the X FACTOR: CELEBRITY (UK) in 2019 (under the name V5); the musical phenomenon Angel22 is a female Latin group made up of four powerful women: Alondra Martinez (Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic), Sofia Oliveira (Brazil), Wendii Sarmiento (Cuba), and Laura Buitrago (Colombia) are poised to lead an international movement.

After launching their TikTok account in February of 2021, the group has amassed over 5 million followers, demonstrating their mass appeal. Through their unique and strong personalities, each member of Angel22 will attract fans that can identify with and feel represented by their individuality, bonded by a universal love of music and dance. Angel22 represents how a range of cultures, backgrounds, and beliefs can come together as one. 

In addition to their impressive number of followers on TikTok; on Instagram they have 495K followers as a group (@angel22) and each girl has her own followers: @sofia (Sofia Oliveira) has 2.1M; @laurambuitrago (Laura Buitrago) 252K; @itsalondramartinez (Alondra Martinez) 170K, and @wendii (Wendii) 152K.

The group has been working in the studio with Becky G and Elena Rose, who will executive produce their upcoming project, as well as producer Kuinvi, Supa Dups, Edgar Barrera, Caleb Calloway, Richi Lopez, Morelli, Mario Caceres, and Daramola.